Live Italian Luxury
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Our Philosophies

The essence of our work wants to transmit an exclusive feeling of high qualitative and moral value, creating a platonic bond between our customers and us: unique imprinting born from the ocean.

Live Italian Luxury is a reliable company thanks to the fruit of our experience. That allows us to enrich ourselves not only the welfare of our value as a person but also inwardly respecting the environment in which we are surrounded.


Luxurious Products


Our technology is at state-of-the-art quality. We aim to provide only the best products in the industry.



You can find in our company the perfect promoter of your dream yacht, thanks to our significant experience in the sector, and a consolidated network of services located in Vietnam to support your necessities.


We have selected Italian brands that offer the most potent engines with the highest performance on the market. We can affirm that with them the heart of your boat will be stronger and powerful and it helps your boat to break its limits.



Our experts search for the latest innovations and most advanced products with superior technology to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. We offer you solutions to your desires connected to the aquatic world.

Prestigious Services

Along with the luxurious products, we also aim to provide the best services for your yacht


Marina Projects

With 40 years of experience, we guarantee solutions able to face any problem related to the construction of floating structures, moorings and systems, fully playing a role of qualified technical partner and reliable supplier for your Marinas.


Crew Recruitment

We offer you the best crews (also for in superyacht) with high qualification in respect to your expectation; we strive to position themselves as problem solvers, offering added value and solutions to our clients.


Yacht Servicing

We will follow you through the processes from choosing your yacht, importing and registering it to other services such as maintenance its beauty, efficiency and safety.


Solutions and Quality

Today, Live Italian Luxury is synonymous of quality, reliability, and innovation in research and consulting of the yacht, marine, and crew. We aim to provide the best products and services existing in the industry.

Based in Ho Chi Minh city, with the advantage of rich lake system, yachting can be a leisure to many people. We help to make your dreams come true.


Our Partners

Live Italian Luxury has been in partnerships with many luxury brands offering benefits and the higher services beyond all expectations to our clients.


Reserve Your Adventure.

We want to convey you the imprinting for the sea and the immense emotion of living in it. One of our commitments is to do discovery to you this environment and to love it, always protecting the waters of the ocean, the dark depths of the abysses, the fauna, and flora full of bright colors, the foamy waves that intertwine on the rock.