About Us


Established in 2016, Live Italian Luxury was created with a mission to offer wellness and new job opportunities related to the yachting world.

We aim to stimulate the sense of belonging to the world and the ocean, inspire courage in the audacity to explore the waters and the desire to conquer new horizons or deep abyss to improve themselves.


Our Missions


“At certain times the life mixes your cards, and it leads you to reinvent yourself. This fact is what happened to me after having undergone some heart surgery. "My existence is unique and time inevitably flows," and then you must find at all costs an input which will give you the strength to regenerate yourself, creating a new "I" that makes you proud of what you are. I think this is a beautiful opportunity that life offers me to catch my dreams. So I stopped thinking about what I was and what I wanted to be. A positive and intensely active flow to realize even the most coveted and ambitious projects has enveloped me. And I decided to open this new business in Vietnam.”

- Nautical Vietnam Director Chief engineer Tavarone Vito